Training Centre Update Oct 2008

The Training Centre is progressing well. At the moment there are 134 students following various courses. Some of the workshops are now producing goods to sell or services to offer to the general public. For example:

The dressmaking workshop has made all the uniforms for other workshops and has also made other clothing, such as sports shirts for sale. In the cookery and bakery workshops the students are learning to make buffets and are serving these at various public functions.For practice the hairdressing students provide free services such as haircutting, styling and tinting.

Besides the workshops another development this year has been that the Medical Centre is now fully functional. Using two rooms in the Training Centre building a surgery has been set up for general medicine and dentistry.

Families from the Trust can use these facilities for free (a small amount is taken out of their sponsorship money to pay for medicines and treatment). Anyone else can use the Centre but pay a larger fee to help to cover the expenses of the doctors, dentist and nurse who ask for very little remuneration.

All the families who enter the Trust are screened for malnutrition and parasites and are treated. The Trust also now holds a monthly Medical Campaign, which besides the dentistry and general medicine includes such things as gynaecology.

All this is helping to improve the health of the parents as well as the children and we thank God for the generosity of the medical staff who give of their time and expertise so willingly.


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