Three Encouraging Stories April 2009

It is always encouraging to hear how some of the ex-students are doing. The following stories are all of young people who were in the Trust since they were very young and have now completed their secondary education and courses in the Training Centre.


Graduated from the T C, after studying Carpentry and Metal Work for two years. He is now in Lima living and working with his Uncle in his Carpentry workshop, they are working in ‘Asia’ a very rich area south of Lima, where they have been putting in new floors, doors and windows, his Uncle was so impressed with the quality of his work, he is now making furniture as well. The Uncle’s neighbour has a metal workshop and Job is working with him, and is becoming known as ‘a very committed worker who can be trusted’, we praise God for His hand on this young life, and the way he is now earning a living thanks to the sponsors.


Graduated from the T C, after studying for two years in the Cookery Workshop, he now has a job teaching Culinary Art in a local college. He is also a very changed young man, he has made a new commitment to the Lord, and his old ‘ways’ have disappeared with his new life. For this he is grateful to the devotions held in every workshop before classes start at the T C, and reading his Bible more. He is now able to help support his needy family. His Father ( abandoned the family after years of physical and emotional abuse), went to the Graduation, and was very moved at the way his son had made a success of his life with the help of ‘El Shaddai’, so his life was touched as well. Thanks again to a faithful sponsor who has made a real difference to the life of this young man.


Graduated from the Cookery Workshop last December, went to Lima for a job, and was given one as a ‘kitchen helper’, but only after one week he was promoted to ‘Chef !’ with a wage of 1200 soles a month ! ! (approx £300.00p). With which I am sure he is able to help his family out. Thanks again to the faithful support of a sponsor who has made all this possible. All three of these testimonies speak of the high standard of teaching which is given at the Training Centre. With prayerful support may this continue.


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