April 2010 News

At the end of the 2009 academic year in December a number of the sponsored children successfully completed their secondary education.

A few went to Lima and found jobs there whilst others have gone on to further education courses, some in our Training Centre, which is now known as The Margery Gulliver Institute.  At least one has started on a university course.

Five girls graduated from the dressmaking workshop in December and enjoyed a graduation ceremony when they received their diplomas.  (See our picture gallery)

All the children and their siblings enjoyed the Christmas parties just before Christmas, and in February about 100 of them went to the annual camp for a week.

At camp, which is held in a conference centre in Chupaca, the children enjoyed games and handicrafts and Bible teaching. It was a real treat for them to be able to sleep in a bed of their own in clean sheets, and have three good meals a day, as well as the fun of being with other children and forgetting about the pressures of school and household chores. When the parents and guardians came to collect them on the final day they gave a presentation of all that they had been learning.  Also the children who attended for the first time each received a bible.

Our faithful worker, Jill Abell, returned to Huancayo for another 3 months in December and was able to help with these activities, besides working alongside the three Family Support Workers  as they visited new families to assess them for sponsorship.

Our other exciting news is that an English couple, Paul and Rachel Elliston, have now been living in Huancayo  for the past 3 months as part of the team. They are hoping to stay for 18 months, which will give good continuity.  Rachel is teaching to help to support them and Paul is using his skills as an overseas development worker by co-ordinating the work of the Institute and the childrens’ work and communicating regularly with the trustees in this country.

We are very grateful to all those who go and help in the work in Peru and grateful to God for the way he is blessing the work.


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